7 reasons why a Mountain Collective Pass makes sense in Banff National Park

Whether you want to ski as many resorts as possible, or you just want to make your money go further, the Mountain Collective pass has a strong reputation for good reason.

It’s a smart choice for skiers and snowboarders anywhere in North America – and next season in Banff National Park, the perks are going even further.

In short: this one pass gets you 2 days each at 17 resorts (34 ski days) incuding 4 days in Banff National Park. Two days each at Banff Sunshine and the Lake Louise Ski Resort, and why not give Revelstoke a try while you’re out here.

Nice deal, right? You can buy a Mountain Collective Pass now, or read on for more details on why this pass makes great sense when skiing in Banff National Park.

1. Double your ski days in Banff and Lake Louise

From 2017/18, the Mountain Collective pass includes two extra ski days in Banff National Park. Previously, pass holders got two days to use across SkiBig3 resorts at Banff Sunshine, The Lake Louise Ski Resort or Mt Norquay. Next season it’s double the value with four days! Two at Banff Sunshine, two at The Lake Louise Ski Resort, then additional ski days receive a 50% discount off a SkiBig3 Lift Ticket.

2. Pre-Season perks: lower pass prices

Early birds really do get the worm with this one. When you buy your Mountain Collective pass during the Spring Sale, you get pre-season rates, as well as a bonus ski day at any Mountain Collective resort of your choice.

In Banff National Park, this means you can choose an extra ski day at either Banff Sunshine or The Lake Louise Ski Resort. Including your extra bonus day – the pass is essentially paid for!

Miss the Spring Sale? This pass still provides excellent value for those visiting Banff National Park and at least one other destination resort.

3. Get your money’s worth in just a few days

The price of a Mountain Collective pass gets you a huge 34 ski days, across 17 ski resorts, over 5 continents. With three resorts located in close proximity: Banff Sunshine, The Lake Louise Ski Resort and Revelstoke, it’s easy to do a Western Canadian Road Trip to knock off 3 resorts.

Realistically, it’s unlikely for most people to ski all of the 16 member resorts in one season. However, the beauty of the pass is that it’s easy to maximise its value. If you get pre-season pricing, you’ll get your money’s worth after skiing just 4 or 5 days in Banff National Park. Tag on a trip to Revelstoke and you’re in the clear. When you look at it this way, every additional day that you use out of your 32 included days is a bonus.

4. Get 50% off additional ski days

There’s a lot to explore at Banff Sunshine and The Lake Louise Ski Resort, and you can pack a lot into your four days of skiing in Banff National Park. If you decide that 4 days is just not enough, your pass also gets you a generous 50% off additional ski days. This discount includes all Ski Big 3 resorts in Banff National Park: Mt Norquay, The Lake Louise Ski Resort and Banff Sunshine.

5. Kid’s passes are $99 USD for adult pass holders

Buying a Mountain Collective pass is a smart way for families to ski together. When you purchase an adult pass, you get the option to purchase a Mountain Collective kid’s pass for just $99 USD ($133 CAD). Ka-ching!

6. Extra convenience: direct-to-lift access & shuttle transportation

Once you have activated your Mountain Collective Pass in Banff National Park, your perks go even further. After you’ve skied your 2 days at Banff Sunshine and 2 days at The Lake Louise Ski Resort, it’s easy to keep skiing. Your 50% discount on extra ski days will automatically be processed with direct-to-lift access.

You don’t need to wait in ticket lines or get a new ticket each time you take an additional ski day. Just go to the resort, have your pass scanned and it will be charged straight to your credit card. This direct-to-lift access makes your day more seamless when you can skip the line and head straight to the slopes.

The perks continue! Use your activated Mountain Collective pass to jump on the ski shuttle service from Banff & Lake Louise hotels to the resorts. This ski shuttle service is free for all Mountain Collective pass holders.

7. No blackouts: ski on any day of the season

Some ski passes have restrictions on the days they can be used, such as public holidays. A Mountain Collective pass gives you the flexibility to use your 2 included ski days at any of the 16 resorts, on any day of the season.

Ready to grab your golden ticket to adventure?

Buy your Mountain Collective pass today to lock in pre-season pricing and perks. Check out our Ski Big 3 vacation package options or call our friendly Reservations Team on 1-844-754-2443 – they are here to help!

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